Tuesday, September 29, 2009

fall cleaning and planting

Temperatures are plunging...50's in the morning, and we're supposed to hit the 40's by mid week. Brisk. I actually closed the bedroom windows last night, and allowed the dogs to sleep on the bed for warmth. I found this poplar leaf and dogwood berry on our deck this morning.

Today, tomorrow, the rest of this week is about finishing the unpacking and setting up of my office, finally! I took a room in the basement, a rather large bonus room, to use as a studio/yoga room/office. But it's been the holding space for boxes o' stuff that we haven't gotten to, and enough is enough. I'll still store camping equipment til the shed is built, but am going ahead and setting up part of the space as an office. There's a bed, too, for napping.

I bought 40 mixed daffodil bulbs and 20 purple crocus to set out in the yard. Later, some Hostas and some other perennials will go in, launching my Perennial Landscaping Efforts.


chris said...

I am SO envious of your fall temperature and color change. Are all the knits receiving lots of love? And daffodils, yum! Please post pics of your garden- I'd love to see.

Barbara said...

You will be able to you your handknits!!