Monday, September 21, 2009

back when the sun was shining

Was it last Sunday when the sun last shone? I took a walk with Ella to get some shots of our woods and meadow:
(as always, click on the pic to biggify)

The spiders have been working overtime, this week, to maintain rain-damaged webs. This is a pretty one.

The notorious yellow daisy, of festival fame. Our meadow is full of these flowers.

I like the quiltlike pattern of this golden leaf, a harbinger of the fall to come.

Nandina berries. They should turn red or orange in a couple months.

We've had a few days, since last Tuesday, really, of heavy rains, thunder and lightning. Today, unpacking a box, I stumbled on a bag of nicely dyed Romney roving. Very rough, almost felted, but so beautifully dyed that I'm back to spinning it up, anyway. I'll ply it and see what comes of it.


Opal said...

beautiful photos! i love the colors of that roving your spinning up. do i recognize the spindle you're using? or are my eyes crossed? :)

k-brow said...

Thanks. The photos could be better, I was dealing with heavy humidity and a foggy camera lens. The spindle is the one I got from you. I've named her Olivia, because... well, she told me that was her name. I love the colors of the roving, but it is a mean little yarn, very rough and scratchy.

chris said...

Hope you're staying safe and dry... you're making national headlines down there with all that historic rainfall. Love the gold leaf pic!

kb said...

The roving is beautiful! It's always weather like this that make me want to curl up on the coach and knit. Saw this today and thought of you: