Thursday, January 08, 2009

k-brow: tired and uninspired

I have been putting off going back to the classroom to get ready for the new semester. Today I finally dragged myself there. All my plans for what I'd teach have kinda fallen out of my head. Thank the goddess for the District Standards that provide a little roadmap! I feel so uninspired for my work right now. It didn't help that our head custodian tried to give me a good scolding as I came in, about how dirty my carpets were. I wasn't bothered by it (well, except on principle, anyway) because I just can't give a damn about the mud on the carpets, especially over break when they're supposed to be shampooing them anyway. Feh! It's mud, they're kids, it rains, get over it, big guy! This particular custodian has always been on the crusty side to me, and I kinda just let his abrasiveness roll off my back.

Tomorrow will be better. I'll go in earlier, I made myself a to-do list, and changed classroom seating. I'll take some cd's and Ella will come with me, and keep me from taking myself too seriously. Heaven forbid that she should track in any mud...

I stopped by Aloha Yarns in Kaneohe, en route to work. Okay, it's not really en route, but Miss Acornbud was successful in luring me out. I took my spindle and some old colonial top and did a bit of spinning. That colonial is pretty and smooth and even though I've hardly spun at all since I blew my hands out in September, with the Devil's Own yarn, I did okay. I love that LYS. Since I've already been out today in the knitting world, I'm gonna take the night off and not go to Knit Club at Mocha Java, tonight. My jet lag, which I pronounced "not a factor" 2 days ago (yeah, right) is kicking my ass. I'm currently on the bed with both dogs, who seem to have not a lot of firepower either, and am trying to visualize getting up and making some kind of dietetically correct dinner.

Lunch was Korean food from the Tasty Corner, in Kaneohe. I didn't know that Korean cuisine lent itself so well to low-carb eating, but an order of teri chicken, hold the rice please (the old guy behind the counter really wasn't thrilled about my no rice policy) and 4 vegie selections: beansprouts, choi sum, long beans and a big pile of daikon and cabbage kimchee made for a satisfying lunch, with leftovers for tomorrow. So ono, and I'll be going back there again.

I have a goal of staying up til 9pm tonight. Dinner will be chili, no rice, and then I'll sort through some mail and recycling and maybe knit a bit on Icarus. I've taken a 2 day break from him, and am now ready to finish him up, I think...dare I set a due date??

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Barbara said...

I'm trying to get inspired to go low carb, but it's so hard with the remnants of Christmas goodies laying around and two more chocolate holidays to go. Ella will have to take her shoes off at the door of your classroom, heh.