Sunday, January 25, 2009

DisKnit: Foot Care, Retrograde, Slowness

KBrow worries that she dominates the blog. I worry that I slack. But the notion that here in cold DC and there in rainy Hawaii, the two of us both bought foot spas on the same day was just too much synchronicity for me to ignore. I ordered mine from Brookstone since I am far too lazy to venture off the couch these days. I also ordered a green suede bag since I lately have been convinced that my life would be better if I had a new purse and when I saw a green one, I knew it had to be mine.

Mercury is in retrograde now and I am inclined to use it as an excuse for everything even when wiser souls tell me that it is only responsible for certain things. I know my wireless internet is acting crazy, so I know it is responsible for that.

Still I have been knitting on the second second in this glorious green and blue from Woolarina:

The Inauguration was quite an experience, my good friend J from Sacramento came. She and her dog Ana is still in the Curtis Park 'hood, in contrast to Ella and Curtis. We had many experiences, including going to a very cool concert called Songs for the President, that in a another moment of synchronicity was mainly sung by folks from Sacramento. I can't tell you all to rush off and buy the three CD set, Of Great and Mortal Men, but it is compelling project. A different song for each president, not always about what you expect. The concert included marvelous drawings, photographs, and films.

The next day, J and I strolled to the mall and caught the We are One concert on the Jumbotrons by the WWII memorial. No major hassles, lots of fun with the people in the crowd gathered near the Washington Monument. At times the urge to record with cameras was a bit overwhelming, but it was also irresistible. Still here is my picture of the crowd all taking pictures as then President-elect Obama spoke:

We were happy to be part of it all. For various reasons, J had to head back to Sacramento before the swearing in, and my plans to watch it at a cafe fell through, so I watched it on the internet at home. By the end of the long weekend, I was inauguration weary, but here we are before that took over:

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k-brow said...

I neglected to mention that I also bought a new purse, a beautiful turquoise pleather Namaste bag, a couple weeks ago. AND it IS Mercury's fault that everything is difficult right now. But the foot spa? Heavenly. I sat with my feet in heaven, drinking a cup of licorice tea last night watching Dr. Who and knitting Icarus, and well...I couldn't have been happier. Hope and change indeed!