Saturday, December 02, 2006


Should I brazenly just write in here as though I didn't completely crash and burn during NaBloPoMo? It feels as though I owe an explanation, especially as so many of those whom I read did really well in this endeavor. I just ran out of steam, of things to say, of time to write. I'm back, and who can say where this is all going? I just got kind of sick of writing and reading myself, reading about how work sucks and how I knit 2 more rows and drank a glass of wine and ate some chocolate, and on and on and on.

This pix doesn't show it, but my poor feet are taking a beating, recently. Two weeks ago, I was walking Cricket on Kailua beach, and I became aware that every few steps, he was placing his big forepaw on the outer edge of my left foot. I'd been encouraging him to walk close in heel position, and he was exacting his revenge at such strictures by giving me a little stomp. It didn't bother me, until it started to bother me. A toe, the second from the pinky toe, to be exact, developed a horrendous bruise, and I had to wear closed shoes for a few days.

A few days later, I was barefoot in the classroom and caught my pinkie toe on a loose carpet thread and wrenched it back. Sickeningly painful when it happened, it still hurts, though only a dull ache, now.

The stubbed toe, the glass cut in the ball of the foot, the stone bruise on the heel from jumping off the wall onto my patio...all hazardous by-products of a life dedicated to wearing the slippah, if shoes at all.

These Surfahs I bought my 2nd day on Oahu, last September. They are my favorites, and I fear their demise. I've gone through others, but I've nursed these along, as they are the perfect silky smooth, flexible rubber, soft, worn thin comfort shoe. I think they cost $3.00 or something at Long's.

But the nails, they need augmentation.


Acornbud said...

Yikes, that Cricket is soo smart. Hasn't he figured out you're the boss yet? You almost made it to the end of November, so don't feel badly. I enjoyed your posts and Rosedale progress:)

LA said...

Barefoot in your classroom? You DO live in Paradise, don't you? If footie dings are the price one pays for such luxury I think it a bargain indeed. Much love from a very, very thoroughly shod, ~LA

Opal said...

That Cricket is one akamai dog! He really cracks me up.

Regardless of how you feel you did with NaBloPoMo, I think you had a great effort. I really enjoyed reading every entry of yours.