Wednesday, December 27, 2006

just a peek in

My sister flies in at 8:30 tonight, and up until that moment, I've served up a huge order of domestic chores, errands and last-minute business for myself. Seems my blissful holiday of peace and mellow has been temporarily derailed. Ahh, well, her visit will force me into my continued quest for fun, instead of stewing in the busyness of my own mind.

Little gone on this week. Christmas was a pleasurable day of gifting and a visit with Patrice, who made the most delicious brunchy foods for us; latkes, frittata, heavenly mimosas and fresh berries. Christmas eve, a party at one of my more tolerable co-workers' house. P was sick, so I went alone, and thoroughly enjoyed the company of her geeky friends, all of whom seem to be involved in one LAN game or another; World of Warcrack, Dark Age of Camelot, etc. Backing up farther, on the 23rd, the NRN had its December gathering, with delicious food, much laughter, little knitting and some tarot reading. Funny how tarot finds me, no matter how I neglect it. So nice to read for such intuitive people as the clever ladies of the NRN, like reading for the other people I loved doing divination for; Magus and Clary. But I digress...I've got dogs to bathe, a vacuum to run and groceries to get.

More on knitting and on some knitting resolutions later this week. Pictures will be back, too, as I found my digital camera, hidden under a flurry of papers at my desk.


Stephanie said...

Mimosas and fresh berries. Mmmm. Sounds lovely.

LA said...

Happy New Year, Honeybunch! ~LA

Reya Mellicker said...

Will you read tarot for me sometime? My birthday is next month, always a wonderful time to get a reading. We could trade if you like. I can read very well for others, but when I try to read the cards for myself, I'm often completely puzzled.

Your holidays sound lovely! Happy new year!!

Pam! said...

Knitting, tarot & good friends...can't get much better than that for the holidays.
Hope you & sis are having fun but staying out of trouble. I'm assuming no new posts doesn't necessarily mean you two are in jail. ha!