Friday, December 22, 2006


So the moon and the sun have turned. Huge relief, though my dislike of the season remains. I even went shopping, at the mall, no less. I had a fairly good time, eating sushi, buying things I liked for people I liked and for myself. I ran into Diane from work, and overall, my final blow towards the holiday gift giving was successful. Now I'm looking forward to the new year, with its austerity and cleanliness, with some optimism.

I didn't do much for Yule. Lit some candles. Hoped to pull out of this not-so-happy space I'm in, pretty soon. Burdock and Nan called me, from Dave's Yule party, back East, which cheered me immensely.

Today, I am calm, and rather pleased with myself, having muddled through a bit of de-cluttering the house,(there's much, much more to do)and have been spinning some, too. Spinning. Last night, at Mocha Java, Opal, the Akamai Knitter gave me some beautiful blue and some cafe au lait roving, and I've been playing around with that, and the white corriedale roving, too. Making funky thick and thin yarns, because let's face it, that's all I know how to spin. It is enjoyable, and meditative and a bit calming and the perfect thing for a cool damp evening. I think I'm ready to read a handspinning tutorial, now, as I'm able to sort of isolate what's really hard for me. I'm not even sure I'm doing it right, that self-taught thing rearing its head again.

I haven't blogged in awhile, mostly because so much has gone by, fast and furious. I chose sleep over writing time. I let pass the U2 concert, which was fabulous, the elementary school winter program, equally (okay, I exaggerate) fabulous, and my discovery of an open field with a view of the ocean in which to run my dogs after 5pm. Imagine, an open field in Honolulu, uncluttered by soccer players and other dogs?!

Work has been somewhat enjoyable. My mentor released me, a huge perk, since now I no longer have to fret about her observation dates. I liked her, though, and felt she was sympathetic to my plight. The OCD Maternity Leave co-teacher returns in January. Not a good thing, not a bad thing; again, it's just something to get through.

I am not sleepy in the least. Not that I should be, at 7pm, but usually I'm fatigued. Ahhhhh, vacation! Ahhhh, the turning of the sun!


Stephanie said...

You saw U2! I'm so jealous!

Chelsea said...

I like how you put that, the "austerity and cleanliness" of the new year. I, too, am looking forward to a fresh start.

Opal said...

If you bring your spindle to a meeting I can give you a lesson in spinning. :-) Alternately or conclusively, I also have the book Hands On Spinning I can lend you.

LA said...

Thanks for the link! Yes, the article on silence 'spoke' to me. I don't have 40 days, just a week, but already many of the things she discovered are true to me too. You're a dear for sending it along. ~LA