Sunday, December 14, 2008

k-brow: FO pic and a lot of rain

I'd promised y'all a pic of my completed Minimalist cardigan, completed in October, stitched up together over Thanksgiving weekend, and worn daily since. Here we go:

This is an easy knit. About 8 skeins of Cashmerino Aran, bought on sale at Little Knits, for the amazing price of $4.39 per skein, making it the cheapest luxury ever. I don't know why it took so long to finish, except for the fact that one can only do moss stitch for so many hours at a stretch. The color is hard to photograph; I call it "clover green". My mom had a shaker knit cardi in this color when I was growing up. I borrowed it a lot as a teenager, and she handed it down to me when I was in college. I wore it all the time, and finally sent it on to Goodwill, back in the mid 90's, in a pretty beat up condition. I think, unconsciously, I was trying to replace that sweater in my wardrobe; an easy, cozy, utilitarian piece, in that oh-so-comforting color. Minimalist Cardigan = WIN!!!

We have had continuing hard rains here, off and on since Thursday's debacle. Yesterday started off heavily overcast and humid. I took the dogs out, mid-afternoon and noticed that the Pali had become invisible, covered over in white mist. There'd been a tornado watch on Kauai all day. I realized something BIG was headed our way, once more. Gave the dogs their constitutional, and hastily ran a few errands and got home about 2 minutes before the gale force winds and rains hit Nu'uanu. We had to close windows all along one side of the house, due to hard, hard winds and rain. It was crazy, and pretty much the same white-out howling wetness of Thursday for an hour or so. Then, a lessening, a settling into a soft steady rain for the duration of the evening.

I even went out, meeting up with Acornbud, Opal and her mom Maureen, Jen and her husband, and Angela, for dinner at the fancy and oh-so-yummy Hee Hing restaurant on Kapahulu. Too much food, all day, really. I have a love-hate relationship with holiday food. A little goes a long way, and I had gone a long way already, as I'd made eggs for breakfast, and P had brought home lo mein for lunch. At least today, I'm starting out with oatmeal...

Today seems nice. Washed clean. More rain in the forecast this week, but we've gotten off easily here in Nu'uanu. I think it's the vertical pitch and basic rockiness of our land, everything just flows down around us. As long as the tree roots hold the boulders in place, Chez Nuuanu Estate is safe, except for the usual problems of standing water under the house, and the ever-present mold and dampness of EVERYTHING. Poor Kai and the other folk in other parts of our island have not been so spared. I hope last night's rains didn't hit her a double whammy, just after she'd cleaned out from the first wave.

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Susan said...

Just wanted to say that the minimalist cardigan is beautiful, and I can relate to "you can only do moss stitch for so long". How much better to have a beautiful sweater with luxury yarn for $4.39 a skein?!

Susan (a fellow knitter)