Saturday, March 08, 2008

k-brow: the sleepiness of it all

Just awakened from a nap... word to the wiser, don't take a muscle relaxant 2 days before if you wish to avoid sleeping your weekend away. sigh. Drugs have an extraordinarily long life in my bloodstream. Said muscle relaxant is part of the headache treatment plan, and it seems to have finally done its work, albeit soporifically. I even dozed through the whine of my neighbor's weedwhacking. What is it about Hawaii that causes everyone to mow their entire lawns with a weedeater? Get a goat, mister!

DisKnit has returned from CA and shamed me into both posting and knitting a little bit. She's good for me like that. I am toiling away on the straight rows of my Project Spectrum color-schemed bamboo Clapotis, not pictured here. Suffice to say, it's a fiery colored thing, with lots of orange, yellow and red. The bamboo yarn? Soft, and creepily cool to the touch, even though I don't think it'll be a cooling garment to wear. It's splitty and heavy, and I'm not feeling too much love, though I do think I'll feel it once I'm wearing it; Clapotis has that magical effect on me.

Here are some roses blooming in my neighborhood:

And a candle for the new moon:

And a shot of Ella (click the photo for the full-on crazy effect) turning on her crazy look, while Cricket shows off his cool trick of eating while reclining:

And now off to try and revive myself with some ice water and a walk.

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Disenfranchised Knitter said...

Good luck with the bamboo knitting. I have silly baby booties to finish and then the need to return to my dad's much neglected aran. Hmm, what size needles is it on??