Thursday, March 06, 2008

DisKnit: D is for my fake name

I am back from California for almost 2 weeks but you would not know it from this blog. By fortiutous mistake, I forgot my camera and thus was able to spend 10 days on vacation without documentation. The time was great. Plenty of visiting with dear friends, a tiny-itsy-bit of work unrelated to the normal job, and 3 whole days hiking and knitting in a lovely little place at Point Reyes Station. The weather was stormy, but it was the ocean, cheap california wine, and good food. Besides there were energetic hummingbirds to watch and a wood stove as the only source of heat and the resultant TV substitute. I finished up a hat for a co-worker's much announced but not yet arrived baby. You can see it here or on Ravelry:
Or another angle:

I am confident there is more to be said about the hat, my knitting, and other events, but frankly the computer is driving me up the wall for refusing to download my email from Yahoo (which may be related to the wonders of the microsoft bid for control) but I really just want to relax. Lots of work at the guv'mint these days so I am tired and I am about to welcome the second of two visitors since my return. After the weekend and the discovery of my camera battery charger I may have more news on the welcome return of SPRING.

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