Sunday, March 23, 2008

k-brow: randomly random

Red tagged me for this meme, which I've done before, but that which is random changes, so I'll give it another go.

Five Random Things

1. My "uniform" of leisure time is a faded soft black t-shirt and khaki shorts. Rubber slippers optional. Seriously. If you see me out and about, you probably see me in some version of this outfit; it's one I've worn since college, some 20-something years ago. In cold weather (back when I lived where it was cold) the shorts were switched out for jeans, and the slippers were sneakers of some kind, but the black t-shirt remains the same. Needless to say, I've got a healthy collection of them in my dresser, and am always supplementing the collection.

2. I just caught a mouse in a trap. Our mouse war has started up again. I'm a little disturbed, as this mouse was big; could it be a juvenile rat? Rat Bastard has had the indiscretion to cruise around my counters for a few days, breaking and entering into a container of browned breadcrumbs, and eating some papaya seeds, and then, most outrageous of all, had the temerity to shit all over the counter. This is war, my friends.

3. I played Dungeons & Dragons with ardent enthusiasm throughout college. I may as well have majored in it. Then I played about once a year, for 10 years after, but only with the college friends who were my original D&D group. Weirdos, but I love 'em. The recent death of Gary Gygax has our group of gaming buds discussing whether or not we want to take up swords again, via iChat. Please do not comment to me that I may enjoy World of Warcraft, or Dark Age of Camelot or some such other massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. I won't. D&D was and still is about me and my geek friends being social and having fun together.

4. Today is a public holiday in Hawaii, called Kuhio Day, named for Prince Jonah Kuhio. P works in the Prince Jonah Kuhio building downtown, and yet, because he is a federal employee, he doesn't get the day off. Talk about bitter. I, too, feel it's a little wasted on me, as it falls on a day when I am already off work, due to spring break. I am going to celebrate by visiting Blogless Michelle in Waialua. There will be some knitting and perhaps some beaching, as well. Maybe I'll take some pix.

5. My dogs will spend the entire day in bed, if allowed to do so. Ella sleeps with us, and only gets up after the last human leaves the bed. Cricket sleeps in his crate, due to his habit of running around the house barking in the middle of the night if left out. As soon as someone gets up in the early am, they release him, and he joins the pack in the bed. And there, both dogs lay around, snoring and slugging, until the last human has gotten up, or they've been given the boot. I was reading somewhere that dogs need to sleep an average of 16 hours a day. These two seem to be getting their fill.

There, enough randomness. I am breaking the Random meme rules by not posting their rules, and also not tagging people. You all know you want to do this random thing, even though everyone's done it before. Everyone's got something else they need to share with the blogoverse!


Red said...

Are your rubber slippers crocs? You can get into Boulder, CO very easily. Just so you know.

Lilikoi Knits said...

To go along with the randomness (and your request for commenting).... What do you think of the advertiser's new webpage? I'm not really liking it, but it does look like there will be more of your favorite story chat.