Monday, November 06, 2006

steamy skies

Friday night's sunset was a spectacular one here.
During the huge rains of last week, Nuuanu got quite cool, and we put a blanket on the bed. This weekend, however, the trade winds left us, and it became hideously hot and still and humid. We spend the weekend in a stupor, and finally decided to run the ac this evening, after the denial finally wore off. I've never quite gotten any real activity off the ground this weekend, beyond a couple of dog walks. I made half-hearted stabs at cleaning, cooking (mac and cheese and broccoli) and did successfully bathe and clip both dogs, which was an enormous triumph, considering that I swept up all the hair, too. Two big bagfuls of silver and black curly poodle hair, which I offered to Acornbud to spin up, but she wisely declined, so it's off to the trash with the dog fur.

There has been knitting going on, not on Rosedale (too hot to touch Kureyon) but on the Trekking sock, done in plain stockinette, better to show off the stripes and pretty colors. I originally thought these to be watery colors, but now they remind me more of wintery colors, the bits of white looking like flurries of snow, the blues the color of shadows on snow. I've dubbed them the Winter Sky socks. This is my lunch hour knitting project, small enough to take to school, and mindless to boot.

When the going gets hot, the hot start reminiscing about snow, I guess.


Acornbud said...

It was very icky, sticky yesterday. Lovely Trekking sock! I am trying to picture Cricket sitting still long enough for a bath and clipping.

Chelsea said...

Ooh, pretty. How are you liking the Trekking? US1's? I have a ball in the cupboard, but they will be for Shawn, and I'm working on my first socks for me, now.

I can see both winter *and* water in those socks. From this angle, I can see a the shore, and a stretch of water, and then a mountain in the distance, with a snow-filled cloud above them all. Lovely.

Opal said...

The weather this weekend was hideous wasn't it? Perfect for sock knitting though. That Trekking colourway is so cool and pretty. I love it!