Saturday, November 18, 2006


This enchants me. Aside from the name of the site; Ellwand, which, Tolkien geek that I am, I can't ignore as a twist on my favorite elf. Half-elf, that is. But I want some of these little clothes of leaves and flower petals for my own.

It is just about time for my annual watching of the Lord of the Rings movies, the extended edition filmfest, which usually takes place on Thanksgiving weekend, but which I'm halfway tempted to save for my sister's visit, sometime after Christmas. She was always an enthused participant in these marathons of high adventure and romance. But P is lobbying for it early, and I think my sis will have better things to do in Hawaii than lay around watching the elves and orcs and swords and arrows.

I'm just back from a 4 mile walk on the beach with Cricket. He was so-so, after some ball fetching, he obsessed a bit over harrassing a rather timid golden retriever, chasing her into the water and just being a jackass, so I leashed him up and walked him smartly down the beach, just at the waterline. We had a good pace going on, and my left leg/achilles tendon is in pain now, as a result. He is acting as though he's had no exercise whatsoever, returning home to dash madly through the house (no doubt bragging to Ella that HE got to go to the beach, and all she'll get this weekend is this dumb agility trial) and is now barking heartily at the mailman on our street. I need to find food, and a shower.

I'm heading over to Kailua again, to watch today's agility trial, and then on to a craft fair with Patrice, who rescued a baby shearwater that was floating in the ocean today, and didn't have the strength to fly off. They are fledging right now, and going off to sea, but need a good wind to get going, and this guy was floating in the shallows on a rather dog-filled beach. She's going to take it to a local bird rescuer, who'll oversee its release in a couple of days, when it's been fed up and checked for injuries.

Time for some substantial food and a shower.


Reya Mellicker said...

I'm loving your everyday posts because the rhythms and habits of your day are clearer when you write more often - it's so cool. What a life you have! Not perfect (e.g. the rat) but so very whole, so connected to the natural world. I'll be sad when December arrives and you give up your daily practice (that's not supposed to be a guilt trip, BTW). People can only post when they want to, but the everyday posts have been great for me.

Erica said...

Sigh. I remember the not-so-distant days where I could have my own Tolkien Festival. I hope you enjoy your viewing whenever it actually takes place! Now I just have to wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy it with me -- which could be a little while :) Have you seen the Arwen sweater in the current issue of Interweave Knits? I have only recently found your blog but have been enjoying it. I hope you have a great day.

mysticalfeet said...

Thanks for reading. Hope you find something to enjoy! I've seen the Arwen sweater. In my eye, the Rogue sweater (I think it's from Girl From Auntie, all over the blogs) looks rather Tolkien-esque, too, with that beautiful cabled hood.

Put those kids to bed and join me this Thanksgiving weekend in Middle Earth!!

Though I don't know if I'll marathon the dvd's. I've got 2 different sets of friends in town for the weekend, so some demands on my time to leave the couch...