Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am creeping and crawling out of a 3-day headache. Last night it was at its peak, and I iced my head and neck in order to sleep (sleep brought on by Excedrin pm) and awoke this morning with a squishy bag of water on my face, which I quickly hid from Cricket, who was looking for something to amuse himself.

Today I will sit down, and bravely, in spite of my misgivings and outright fear, attach the live stitches of Miss Hourglass's neck down. I have been a little afraid to do the neck hem of this sweater, it seems like a hard process, and through the avoidance process, I have kitchener'd the armpits together, woven in all the loose ends, and whipped up the little sleeve and bottom hems. I could have finished her days ago, but have just been in other modes. It's not good to do tricky knitting with a headache.

My pagan-flavored datebook reminds me that Mercury is retrograde, and will be so through my birthday. I'm a great believer in the power of Mercury retrograde periods to make your life wacky, particularly in the areas of technology and communication. Whatever could go wrong probably will. Yikes. Of coure I find myself looking for a job during this period, and transferring the registration of the Cricket to the AKC with a time-sensitive document. I've got 3 weeks of glitches, galactic hiccups and general weirdness to navigate.

I haven't even gotten up yet. I'm laying in bed, trying in vain to awaken. I'm trying to give this headache a chance to finish itself once and for all.


LA said...

My sympathies on the headache.

Thanks for the heads up about the retro. I've lost track of everything!

Feel better quick, ~LA

Acornbud said...

More Ben and Jerrys! That's the ticket. Sorry about the headache, hope you feel better today. Thank goodness knitting is "low tech". Hourglass looks fantastic! If I can come up with yarn maybe the cardigan KAL can happen. Do you have your yarn already?

Moon said...

O darlin, you know I sympa-thighs (lol) with you....Migraines suck BIG TIME!
Lots of wishes for "always cold" compresses for your head...and I know that the Excedrin will kick in soon...
xo me

Reya Mellicker said...

Feel better soon!