Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Official Get Outa Bed Early Campaign

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Right now, on Day 1 of the Official Get Outta Bed at 5am Campaign, it feels less like a birthday than a first day of work, but I'll celebrate later.

I think I'm going to start responding to comments on entries, in the comments section of actual entries. I've wondered how to do it, and that approach makes the most sense.

I was plagued last night by odd, disturbing dreams, two of which I remember. Dream One was about my knitting group. We were meeting in our usual place, only it had couches put up around the cafe, supposedly for us! We met, socialized, knitted and compared notes on various yarns, books and techniques. Then everyone went home, and I found all these half-knitted lace pieces on the tables, like people had left them from knit club. So I decided to hold on to them until next thursday when we met again. I couldn't remember who was knitting what, and it bothered me. It was entirely lace shawls, though, something that scares me a little, given my half-finished Kiri shawl. Somehow I got the idea that I was supposed to work on the shawls until the group met again. But they'd left me no pattern, so I'd have to wing it...I think the message here is that I need to finish Kiri.

Dream Two was a sad one. Our dog's breeder called and said she'd made a mistake, that Cricket was the male that she'd wanted to keep for showing and breeding, and that we were to trade him to her for Ozzie instead. And I was arguing with her "But you said he was too soft for showing, you told me that his temperament wasn't right..." and she kept saying "He's beautiful. It's wrong not to show him." and I was crying and remembering all the little pix I had taken of him standing in a showy pose, to send to the AKC to transfer his registration. I think the message here is that I need to neuter Cricket soon.

And waking up, stressed over the lace and feeling sentimental about Cricket, who bounded up on the bed to meet me, with stinking teething breath and scruffy haircut, and sighed a sigh of relief, because it's Ozzie who is the show dog, and Cricket is the pet.

And now I'm up drinking coffee. And trying to get geared up to take the dogs to the park before work. And realizing that I got my agenda for our first day back in the mail yesterday, and it was just a series of "official" sessions; teacher mandates, the viewing of the bloodborne pathogens video which I've seen twice already, in less than a year, due to having the McJob and subbing. And I know it's too early in my employ to knit during boring meetings, but maybe I can draw...note to self: take pad and pen to meetings.

gah! No sooner than the employment papers are signed than the attitude starts. I'm looking forward to the mandates with fear and trepidation; thus far, the bureaucracy that runs education here is simply mad about mandates. Layer that with NCLB, and you've got plenty o' knitting and sketching fodder.

Off to the park now.


Anonymous said...

aloha birthday girl! missed you on thursday but at least you didn't miss a delivery of any vegas yarn--turns out i never made it to the stores. not to worry--my trip to wisconsin will undoubtedly include lys visits, so there's hope for your request yet!
have fun with your new gig! see you in a couple weeks.
-magritte's mama

Acornbud said...

Hmm, if it was lace shawls layinga around no doubt it was Opal or Chris! I'm glad you got to keep Cricket (wink). Best wishes on your first day of school.