Saturday, June 08, 2013

new moon in Gemini

...happening even as we speak, or rather, as I write this. It is a cool, humid day here in the Georgia woods, and I'm getting geared up to do some house and yard work, after a spinach-mushroom omelet. Later in the day, some bbq will happen.

Most of my energy the past week or so has gone toward figuring out my new summer schedule, with teaching on Monday/Wednesday, some tutoring in the eves (though a greatly reduced schedule) and my last grad class on Tuesdays and Thursdays - a culture class.

I've been excused from some of the assignments for said class,  as I covered the content in the culture standard of my portfolio, and instead, will be working for my professor, editing and writing some documents for our department. I'm not sure this is a good thing - it's flattering, but I have a sneaking suspicion it will also be a shitload of work, and may extend beyond the parameters of importance I'd be giving a simple writing assignment. Apparently this is what happens when I wish for new horizons and ask the Universe to help me grow as a writer...

So now my task is to ask the Universe to help me manage this stuff. Oh the neverending balancing act of the perennial underachiever!

I taught myself to chainply, and made this:
That cute Butterfly Bush roving from the last entry. 230 yards of sport-dk weight squishy bfl. There are breaks and flaws throughout, but the chain ply (Navajo ply, but I'm not Dine, so I figure I should be politically correct) is no longer a mystery to me.

I went to a fiber flea market, last week, in Atlanta. I spent way too much money, for things which were very reasonably priced, which means that I bought a lot of stuff. Arty batts, and merino and wensleydale roving from someone's destash, someone's wonderful old project bag, for 50 cents. Two cones of yarn, priced at $3 each; the first, a 100% brown wool, looks to  be like a single ply Lamb's Pride mill end? Maybe? Another mystery yarn, heathery green, which passed the burn test, but only partially passed the bleach test, and so I've identified it as maybe 50% wool, both laceweight. The green softened up when I skeined some and gave it a bath. There's like a zillion yards, and I am thinking maybe a Whisper Cardigan for myself, and then passing the rest of it along to my sis, and another friend who has a loom and may want warping yarn. Lots of warping yarn.

In other news, I am putting the miles on Mr. Cricket, in an attempt take his crazy energy down a notch.
Somebody needs a haircut. 

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