Monday, May 20, 2013

It's mid-May already??!

Well Spring just keeps moving on through, and this morning, a warm, foggy one, I realized that it smells and looks like Summer, here in Atlanta. It has been a cool, wet spring, one full of pollen and huge rains, which have caused the green world to explode, before everything settles down to the stuporous heat of my favorite season.

April flew by; seems like every time I decide to post regularly, I get busy and a month goes by. The highlights of life since my last post include my sister's visit, Stitches South and a wonderful class taken with Anna Zilboorg on fair isle techniques and steeking, lots of work; tutoring, subbing, and writing for the portfolio, and a rainy day hike on Arabia Mountain. I visited P in DC, and hung out in the Love Bubble for 4 days, looking at art, visiting friends, eating delicious food, and generally enjoying myself.

A couple of FO's to show, as well. The first is a fun, fast, easy joy: Chelsea's "Out of Its League Jar Cozy", knit here in Noro Kureyon:
Note the use of the Cuppow device to turn a quart jar into a sippycup. My new iced tea delivery vehicle. I am pleased as punch with this thing, and highly recommend this pattern as a gift or a quick knitting pick-me-up. It helped me to face the endless short rows and tiresome painful garter stitch torment of Pendulum, which I finally finished. Blogger is not letting me upload the pic, so you'll have to use the rav link to see it. I did not enjoy knitting Pendulum, and I think it's oddly shaped and weird looking when you lay it out flat, but it's squishy and soft and warm and the Malabrigo Arroyo is a luxury yarn, in my book, in incredible colors. ETA: Pendulum!! The way I wear it, as a big scarf.

School is nearly out, and my round of 12-hour workdays and 1 day weekends are coming to a close. I'm trying to get the house decluttered and deep cleaned,  and the yard tamed down, before the heat becomes too oppressive, and I start combining my summer job with my last class at GSU. A 10-day staycation is coming up next week, and P is driving down to hang with me, with nothing more complicated planned than hiking, cooking and maybe putting the kayak into the Chattahoochee. I am already thinking about Summer's joys.


Mokihana said...

I just got one of those Cuppow things... and I really like it, so long as it doesn't spill. I really like the cozy da kine you made for the jar and may just have to make one too. Thanks for the photo!

Chelsea said...

You have no idea how happy you made me. :)

Moon said...

Yummy and you look gorgeous too...