Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February fiber

Days of cold gray rain have intensified my desire to do little beyond swaddle myself in the down comforter and self-medicate with knitting and silly tv. But the appearance of daffodils and pink flowers on trees, in spite of the graygraygray seem to be snapping me out of it.

Somebody has a birthday coming up this weekend. Yes, my baby dog will be 7! Even though he's done little to deserve it, I will share a bit of steak with him. P will be home, so the likelihood of red meat increases. Maybe bison? Some frisbee in the churchyard? A muddy swim to top it all off? A dog's gotta celebrate his impending middle age, after all.

Knitting and spinning are continuing at a somewhat abbreviated pace, with more spinning than knitting. My spinning mojo rarely fluctuates - I love that wheel and visit it, if only for a few minutes, daily.

This is FiberCharmer bfl, in the Seven Eleven colorway. Wholly satisfying to spin, as bfl always is. It makes me feel like a good spinner. FiberCharmer is a local dyer, and I plan to shop her wares again and again. 

On the needles are way too many wips. Really. I should catalog them, as a blog entry, just for mojo raising. Perhaps it's fodder for another entry...I did corral them all into a basket (or two, I am a great one for baskets, y'know) and have resolved to more or less be faithful to them til they all somehow jump off the needles this year. I did finish a dishcloth last week, for my beloved soap and dishcloth swap, and a kneesock, as well. That sock had taken me since August to  knit, most of it being done to and from GA State, on the MARTA train. A kneesock is a long drawn out thing. Sock 2 has been cast on, and the toe already complete, though like its (fraternal because it's Noro) twin, it will spend most of its days languishing in my purse, waiting for some downtime in waiting rooms and on the light rail...

This weekend, P comes home to hang out for a few days; hopefully we'll manage a hike and some birding, as well as the Cricket birthday extravaganza. I have big plans to bake chocolate cupcakes with some pink buttercream, for the fluffy heart holiday, being celebrated late. 


Mokihana said...

That looks like a Louet wheel! I have an S-70 oak one that I mostly use for plying because it has a woolee winder on it.

I love what you're spinning! Such beautiful Spring-like colors! '

And happy birthday to the very gorgeous doggie!!

kbrow said...

Yes, it's a Louet S-10, 1987 vintage. My dear friend was liquidating her assets and shedding personal possessions in preparation for a move to Costa Rica and she gave it to me. I love it.