Saturday, January 05, 2013

the gray of the day

My 2 fun-filled weeks off work, frolicking with my husband and family are at an end. Today, I tutored the tiniest Tiger, as well as the sweet girl who always does her homework. Tiger Mother emailed me a schedule for the upcoming week full of new clients, including some adult ESL students, just in from Korea. So I have a slightly new direction, which is good, if somewhat anxiety provoking.

P left for DC this morning, and I was sad to see him go. When I say I like living alone, that's when I am in a groove, getting things done, in a clean house, with nice weather. The day my husband drives away for 3 + weeks, in cold, gray weather, with a holiday-trashed house behind me, and a long day's work ahead, the day after we spent the entire day in the woods watching birds,, I don't like living alone so much. Even the dogs seem depressed. I self-medicated with gyros after work, and now I feel just overstuffed and nasty.

There are diversions ahead, of course, the season 3 premier of Downton Abbey tomorrow, and the kickoff of my mini KAL with Acornbud. We are casting on for  The Lady Edith with the premier. I'm doing mine in this lovely yarn:
Dragonfly Fibers sock yarn

That's Dragonfly Fibers' Dragon Sock yarn, in the Bougainvillea colorway - a pleasing mix of reds with a shot of hot pink. I figure Lady Edith can use some cheering up, as she's all too often the forgotten Crowley sister. I was dithering a lot about what yarn to use, and even bought (off destash, so it doesn't count, right?) this lovely green dream:

but decided it was too variegated for the lacy part, so I will make other plans for it. I do love that Smooshy yarn. It's so...smooshy! 

I'm trying to work up the mojo to clean the house, but really hardly know where to begin. I need a serious kick of motivation, here. Or some sun and fresh air. Really, SAD is sad. I thought I was dealing with it, but it has hit me like a train, the past month, and so I am having the same damn conversation with myself again, my annual SAD struggle. Yick. 

My quest to grow out my hair, in both length and greyness has resulted in some pretty funny moments, including this, which is what it does naturally, these days: 

That flip has been with me since childhood. This is the hair washed and airdried, allowed to do its own crazy thing. I tame the insanity down with a flatiron, and it is really much better behaved on a day to day basis. Longer, it will settle down into waves. I REALLY like not messing around with haircolor for a change, though I do have some electric blue Manic Panic in the cabinet for some frisky fun. The color in the picture is fairly true, though. I actually like the grey, though it is giving me some makeup and skin tone challenges - suddenly I feel pale and washed out, and it has me running for the red lipstick, with pleasing results(not shown here). This is a pleasing new lipcolor I've scored in recent makeup shopping, during the buy-one-gift-for-you-buy-2-gifts-for-me season that has just passed. 

I am trying to be back in the habit of blogging. January is full of possibilities, no? 


Acornbud said...

Love the new 'doo! Lady Edith is a sad little character. What a mean streak and the world conspiring on her to not find a husband. Maybe she'll have a little luck in this season, although anything can happen and she does have a little nasty streak. Pretty color for you shawl.

kbrow said...

Yes, I am trying to have some love for her since I'm knitting her shawl, but it is a challenge. I'm hoping now that she has her man, that it'll all settle down, but knowing Downton Abbey, it won't be that simple.

I finished one repeat of the shawl. It's addictive, and fun, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't bite the bullet and rip it all out and go up to a #6 needle? Please save me from analysis paralysis!!!!

Mokihana said...

Kim, I love your hair! Love the flip. Your hair is so gloriously thick. I clicked on the link for the lipstick but it didn't work, tho.

I totally understand what you mean about wanting to live alone but only in certain conditions! If my husband were to leave for 3+ weeks I wouldn't feel that way at all.

Love the yarn... and I just got started on Downton Abbey.. watched the first season on Netflix, but they don't have Season Two up yet, so had to get a disc. I try to create some spinning time so that I can watch it on TV... gonna go look up the Lady Edith pattern.

By the way, the last three letters in the "prove you're not a robot" below are LYS. I think it's a sign that maybe I need more yarn.