Saturday, October 31, 2009


Stealthy Christmas knitting:the Swallowtail Shawl, in Schaefer Ann.

And a happy end of October/Halloween/Samhain/Daylight Savings Fall Back time to you!


chris said...

That Schaeffer Anne is lovely! Does it live up to all the hype, knitting wise? Happy (Belated) Halloween to you, too!

blogless michelle said...

is that transplanted taro i see behind the henry moore head sculpture? pah!

k-brow said...

The Schaeffer Anne is nice, but I wish it were a little softer. Also, I can't help but think I should be doing Swallowtail in a solid color, to show off the details of the lace.

A caveat...Anne is a bitch to roll; it tangles on itself horrendously.

Yes, Miche, I think it is taro, or some member of taro's family, anyway. It's a great foil for Moore's fallen warrior. I guess he's just resting in it.