Monday, October 06, 2008

swag and a full disclosure

Since I didn't make it to the East Coast, and more specifically, to DisKnit's doorstep last week, she sent a little Crafty Bastards swag my way.

Jumping for joy, here.

That's Woolarina handpainted superwash merino. I do love the Woolarina; in fact, a careful inspection of my stash reveals that it might just be the most common "brand name" therein, in terms of the variety of yarns. If you don't count Noro. (Noro doesn't count as stash, does it?) Anyway, the yarn was accompanied by a swell temporary tattoo and this year's Crafty Bastard satchel. This pretty yarn is destined to become another Forest Canopy shoulder shawl, I think. Last week, when I cast on for a sock, the whole sock thing felt like too much trouble, whereas, for some reason, lace doesn't feel troublesome right now. go figure.

Oh yeah. I am still on the nettle brew.

I'm on vacation, too, this week. Much needed, and relaxing in the extreme. Mostly devoted to housework and knitting on the long-neglected Icarus shawl, which, in spite of the effort and time I've given it, is damn slow and completely unchanging. Nevertheless, I am determined to whittle down my UFO pile, which, in the spirit of full disclosure, consists of:

- Must Have Cardigan minus 2 sleeves. Waiting on mojo, which has returned for lace knitting but not cables.

- Stockinette scarf of some chunky textural yarn from last year's Crafty Bastards. Cast on as an impulse (much like the purchase of the yarn) and going really fast, due to mindless stockinette.

- "Yo! Drop-it!" scarf of some vareigated red ribbon yarn from the days of yore. I think I cast on this thing when I was still living in Virginia...

- Fathom Harvill's "Coachella" top, in GGH Velour. Even if I finish this, I don't think I have the muscle tone to pull off wearing it. But I like it, and love the yarn, and thought it would be a fun knit.

- Icarus, about halfway through the endless repetition of chart 1's stockinette. Pretty laceweight merino, bought for me by my mom last year at the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival.

- Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, in some repurposed Koigu.

Not too bad a pile of UFO, I realize. Plenty of variety for the stitching rotation and to suit my whims. Trying really hard not to start anything new right now, and so am staying away from my Ravelry queue for the moment, though I've found an idea for a bag of Jo Sharp Silkroad DK that I've had marinating for some months, now. But that's for a later date.


Red said...

Wow, that's some in progress list.

Opal said...

Love the swag and I'm full of admiration for you. I don't think I could ever fully disclose my UFO list. Not even to myself.

Disenfranchised Knitter said...

I tought my list would be longer but it doesn't count if you haven't cast on, right. So I have - I think - second sock or two, sweater for me, sweater for dad, scarf for stepmom. But I am too afraid to really go look.

blogless michelle said...

oh yeah, coachella! i remember that knit! perhaps i should finish up the last few rows of it so i can wear mine when you wear yours...we can strut around in them together, similarly un-toned, but eh, who cares?! if nothing else, happy in our handknits.