Saturday, October 25, 2008

DisKnit: Two Islands: A Novel?

So I was thinking that since KBrow and I both live on/in islands and because we both like to make up stories, that we should collaborate on a novel in short chapters about two characters: one in Hawaii and one in DC. Naturally (I mean it), the characters will have nothing to do with us -- no history/grant types on my side, no teachers on her side. Yet, both characters will participate in the highly particularized behavior of island-dwellers. And perhaps we will confuse our readers by making such insider references that they will be forced to comment. And then we may abandon the project at any moment (since KBrow doesn't even know about it yet), further frustrating our few but loyal readers. The hope would be to distract us all from the real world with fictional meanderings. Since I made this up, I will begin.

From 2008 Knitting

p.s. I was going to spend valuable writing time creating a book cover, but for now, here is a sliver of a picture that could be part of the cover. I imagine words like discover the real life of Island Dwellers, Power and Paradise Together, etc, etc. We'll see.


k-brow said...

I just realized that I hadn't read this entry; just the first chapter. Therefore, I was rather stunned that I do indeed need to participate in this, not just enjoy your writing. Grrrrrrr. Evil woman. Okay, I'm on it. But I anticipate spotty process, as I hadn't even considered fiction writing as anything I do well or often.

Disenfranchised Knitter said...

you can do a 40 word chapter. It is fun to make stuff up. I've decided from now on all the characters are going to be named after dogs I've met in DC. So be on the look out for "Captain."