Sunday, February 03, 2008

DisKnit: Backwards towards Aran Success

I'll begin with this lovely picture to let you know I succumb to the lure of buying wool today on a beautiful spring-like day in Washington:

then, I'll go back to last night when the newly formed Dupont Circle SnB group convened in Capitol Heights, Maryland for more intense revels than our restaurant's meetups allow. For example there was this:
Strawberry and chocolate
There was no picture alas of the lovely guacomole that I made, or the cupcakes, or the tequila and punch. But they are happy memories. And I got to meet this little creature: a glider:
One of the gliders

And best of all, I finished the Aran during the party, as documented by a picture taken by Laura. I wonder if I should make the sleeves longer . . . perhaps I'll wear it a whole day first. The advantage of having taken so long to finish it that I am okay with continuing to adjust it.
Lucy's Aran

Meanwhile Curtis continues to like to pull out all his toys:
Curtis with Toys
Notice the iguana, the whale, and the octopus. He's quite eclectic in his taste.

May those of you who care about the rite of the Superbowl find satisfaction.


Opal said...

the yarn you bought is just lovely! so bright and cheerful.

mysticalfeet said...

Funny...digging in stash, I think I have some Woolarina handspun in the same colorway; that crazy pinky rose.