Sunday, February 10, 2008

DisKnit: C is for Catching Up and California

I'm home on a beautiful day that is so full of spring that it is somewhat of a regret but I'm leaving on Thursday for vacationing in California. So today is for catching up. Taxes, bank balances, laundry, phone calls, dishes (sigh). I'm definitely looking forward to my trip to California. My first visit to the central valley was at exactly this time, and it is a fabulus time to vist. Before the heat makes things difficult, but when the green is on the hills. I have a picture somewhere that captures it, but for now, you'll have to imagine it.

The trip is all about visiitng friends, and spending some days knitting with "Vermicious" of Ravelry on Point Reyes. So looking ahead is about manicures, movies, a concert at the Palms by Chris Webster.

But in the meantime, back into the land of turbotax. KBrow is going to have to emerge from her post-vacation daze and do some blogging now.


da twine said...

aah yes, california in winter...when living in palo alto, there was a day when my husband came home from work with the story of a gentleman, a lifelong california resident, who had recently visited the midwest in winter. he was so surprised at how brown everything looked there, whereas california was always so green in winter and brown in the summer. he hadn't imagined it could be any other way.

even on my drier region of o'ahu, far away from the lush nu'uanu valley, it's really green now, thanks to days and days of rain in the last week or so. unfortunately, with that we have heaps of debris on the beach and waters that looks like chocolate, funneled out of the watershed which burned last august. bleah.

yes, kbrow, time for you to blog again! i'm hoping i can rely on you for local kine updates while i'm in wisconsin!

mysticalfeet said...

I'll blog in good time...argh, you make me homesick for the Central Valley...biking those Yolo County farm roads, the almond blossoms, the bluebirds, the great green shimmer of tall grass and winter wheat...please do pass over the Yolo Causeway and give the swans and geese my love. Funny, how consciously, I identify myself as a Sacramentan, however, the mental images I conjure up are of the surrounding farmlands. Too many years in the Nation of Davis, I guess...