Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Perhaps you are getting tired of dog news in lieu of actual knitting in my life? Move along, then, as we have another milestone in Chez Nuuanu Estate.

It's Cricket's first dogiversary. We've had him for one year today! In contrast to Ella, he was the biggest pup in his litter, and has always been a sort of a hulking, oafish fellow, though pretty smart.

The breeder was calling him The Buddha, but we thought it seemed kinda disrespectful to name him that, as we had so many Buddhist friends and co-workers here...and besides, he isn't very serene, and tends to complain incessantly about whatever is on his mind...not so Buddhist, if you ask me. So we changed his name to Cricket, because, well, he was sporty, and black and bouncy like a cricket, but mostly because we liked the sound of it.

It's been shortened to Crick, but sometimes he gets the long forms; Cricket Cricketovich, or the more middle eastern sounding Crickmanistan.

He's a dog with 'issues' as one puts it politely. A little aggressive with other dogs, not so focused and driven as Ella, even when she was that age. Not one to sit peacefully in the corner for long, either. He snores, drinks from the toilet and digs up roots in the yard. He brings lava rocks the size of softballs into the house through the dog door. Maybe the canine equivalent of pumping iron?


Acornbud said...

Thanks for sharing Cricket's baby pictures. He was so cute and LITTLE!
He is well named, unless you wanted to call him Tigger, but he has no stripes.

Chelsea said...

I love that last picture! He looks like he has a very engaging personality.

Opal said...

Happy Birthday Crick! What a darling puppy he was and what a handsome dog he is.

Anonymous said...

when you refer to your place as the estate i can't help but laugh a bit and think of magnum p.i. do you ever say "release the hounds!" like higgins? we sure do that up here at da country estate.

though i usually reserve this line for birthdays, i'll send it to this post's subject anyway -- happy bug day, cricket!


Opal said...

I'm tagging you for the random facts meme!

Reya Mellicker said...

Happy Cricketversary!!

Issues - all dogs have something. But Cricket is a noble beast, lucky to live with you, too! (I'm not bored with dog news, not ever.)

Measi said...

Awww... he's adorable! :)

And we're going to see with Hoodsie. I imagine we're going to try to keep him, but if things just do not work out with the other cats, we'll work like heck to find him a good home.

But yeah... it's starting to feel like the Home for Feral Feline Wanderers around here.

Stephanie said...

Happy dogiversary!

Anonymous said...


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