Tuesday, May 15, 2007

vignettes and a birthday

Happy Birthday to my lovely Ella, couch dog extraordinaire, fetcher of frisbees, queen of carrion-eaters, champion finder of treats tossed in the grass, sometimes agility dog, always a beloved companion. I remember, 9 years ago, when the breeder phoned me to tell me the litter had been born, and she remarked that the runt, half the size of the other pups, was really active, scrambling over the other 8 pups, with a powerful will to live. I didn't realize that the runt was going to eventually become my own, 2 months later.
At 9, she is still lively, a serious watch dog, and the boss. Time has flown so quickly, my love.

It wouldn't have been knit night without some silly shennanigans at Ward Center last week. Here is a bit of fun with Blogless Michelle's gift of fantastic purple possum yarn from New Zealand, in Goma Tei Ramen restaurant. I am being silly while the Blogless One eggs me on. I think we were good for business, what with the yarn modeling, and enthusiasm for their food. Not to mention their excellent Kirin draft beer which is cheap and delicious. Video courtesy of that clever Acornbud

Did I mention I'd completely let go of work? I have just 2 little vignettes for you, both taking place at my job...

Vignette #1: I cleaned up and recycled 33 empty water bottles drunk up by my co-teacher, who never cleans surrounding surfaces; they were lined up on our metal counter by the sink. When I asked her about them (thus dropping a HUGE hint that they were cluttering up the area) she said "Oh yeah, you'll have to get a trash bag from the custodians and haul them down to the recycling dumpster." Uh...never mind that I've been drinking from the same water bottle all year, and that this mess was NOT mine. I was so surprised by her response that I just did what she asked. Later she remarked to me "I"m so glad that you're a person who cleans, I feel badly that I'm not..." I shook my head in marvelling wonder, and continue to count the days til we do not have to share a classroom, negotiate curriculum, and do grades together.

Vignette #2: I'm eating fruit salad at my desk during recess. I put the bowl down on the desk, and go across the room to assist a student who's staying in to finish work. I'm gone for 5 minutes. When I return, there are 3 little cockroaches in my fruit salad!" Needless to say, this got tossed. Yick.

Ah, well, it's getting to be that summer time feeling, even here in the land of the endless summer.


Chelsea said...

Okay, totally random...do you happen to have a good recipe for fruit salad?

Acornbud said...

Those roaches must have been starved! Hope you have a better roomie next semester!

Opal said...

Mmm, now I'm ono for ramen.

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday to Ella!