Friday, February 23, 2007

aloha friday

Our lava rock wall is all that keeps the mountain out of the living room, or so it sometimes seems, these windy days.

Lest I forget it's still winter, Nuuanu reminds me with a daily dose of hard gray rain, each morning as I leave for work, and again, with a rainbow-washed sunshower, each afternoon, as I think I'm ready to walk the dogs. Neither one is unpleasant; I'm just tired of getting rained on. And so I go horizontal...just because it's Friday and I can.

P is in Washington, DC for nearly 2 weeks, and I am free to eat whatever Thai foods I want, without having to negotiate with him what we have for takeout.. I am free to watch "Firefly" re-reruns without shame, and I don't have to jockey for the computer to play Snood. I am free to burn Nag Champa incense in the house without fear of triggering an athsma attack, and I can make the Pomegranate Mudpot cocktail with twice as much lime juice as I'd make it for him. Marriage is so many compromises, and it comes down to all those little things that one doesn't REALLY mind, but suddenly, oh damn, it's ten days of total self-indulgence! Of course I also have to recycle often enough to be able to carry the recycling boxes up the 31 steps, I have to remember to get the mail and prime the coffee pot each night, too. And my Snood victories aren't really that sweet, if I can't hoot and crow over them with my biggest Snood rival. So it's a mixed bag, this living alone thingy. But I generally enjoy my solitary time, once I get my rhythm going, and it keeps my marriage sane, I think.

Minor knitting progress on Rosedale yesterday, as I attached her sleeves, and am now working on the yoke. My hope is to use my solo evenings (when I'm not drinking pink drinks, thrilling over Firefly and playing silly computer games) to finish this sweater, along with the ever-languishing Kiri shawl. I am only able to knit lace when I'm completely alone, in a silent room, so even though I have a complete fascination for lace knitting, I don't get much done.

Things are so crazy at my school, these days, due to recent scandal and outlandishness that my job satisfaction/outsider feeling has really taken a back seat. Funny how disaster causes people to pull together sometimes. I am enjoying the students and even my quirky co-teacher doesn't affect my moods much, anymore. I am still just hoping to survive the year, and am not particularly proud of my work, this go-round, but it's not making me wretched at the moment, and for that, I am grateful.

The sun is out. The rain has stopped.


Reya Mellicker said...

When my ex travelled, I ate what I called "forbidden salad" that had all the veggies he didn't like such as tomatoes. I loved it when he was gone, not so much when he returned. Probably that's why I'm divorced.

What's up with the crazy wind? Is that normal in Hawai'i? I don't remember wind but I was never there in February.

Glad things are better at school. Sometimes I think the Torah is full of stories of smiting, plagues, etc. because those natural phenomena pull people together. Interesting to think about.

Stephanie said...

It took me a while to realize that I was misreading "I go to Mililani early and walk him a mile or so" as "I go MILITANT early and walk him a mile or so." I think it's time to get my eyes checked... Anyway, feel better soon!