Tuesday, October 31, 2006

make hay while the sun shines

Here's the newest flower in our yard. I've no idea what it is called, but I'm in love with its huge waxy blooms.

Today, I immersed myself in Pumpkin Math, at Kindergarten, and was pleased to find myself less stressed than usual considering the impending Huge Freakin' Orgy of Sugar that tomorrow promises to deliver. Maybe it's kind of a 'make hay while the sun shines' philosophy, ie, teach math while the little buggers have some attention span? Ahhhh, October, going out with a bang! We weighed, measured the circumference, estimated and counted the number of seeds, counted the lines, and in general, analyzed the dickens out of 3 pumpkins in the classroom. I am reminded, fondly, of a child (child of a Salvadorean Pentecostal Evangelical family) who came into my classroom a few years back, who announced to me that "Teacher, my mother told me to tell you that in our house, we worship God, not pumpkins!"

Alas, no pumpkin pix for you today. Wouldn't want to steal their souls by photographing them.

No knitting today, save for a few cursory stitches on my Trekking socks, living at school, for lunch hour amusement only. No illusions about Socktoberfest here on this blog, no siree!! I'm feeling a little compulsion to play with yarn, though not to knit, so I might go roll some skeins into balls in anticipation of the future blinding progress on Rosedale.


Opal said...

God not pumpkins? LOL I love it!

LA said...

That yarn is sunshine in string form. Fabulous. No sugar orgy at Wolf's school. No costumes either. Not because they're party poopers (or Pentecostals) but the poor kids at Wolf's school can't deal with change. 120 autistic/mostly ADHD little boys on sugar? Bwahahahahaha.

Of course you can blog for 30 days straight. Don't try for novellas and utter wonderfulness every time, just open your mouth and TALK. It's what I do. ~LA

Acornbud said...

The pumpkin math and God is not a pumpkin story are good ;) You are on a roll. If you post daily, will I have to comment daily? heh.

mysticalfeet said...

Acornbud, you are my target audience! Of course you have to comment daily! Though it would be more amusing for me if you'd post daily...whaddya think?