Saturday, October 14, 2006

consumption and resolution and indecision, oh my!

I had just about finished my recap of my trip back East, when, due to my careless bouncing around on the internets scaring up fun links, I lost the whole damn post. Now all you get is a bunch of images. Enjoy!

My friend Lucy's car broke down on the GW Parkway. Fortunately, we had a great view to enjoy for the 2 hours we waited for the AAA tow truck!

I've recently finished some things (Airy Scarf, a felted purse) abandoned some things (freakin' Purple Koigu socks, which neither fit, nor please me) and made major progress on Pink Clapotette.

I bought some things:

Trekking XXL inspired by the October skies.
1/2 lb of Corriedale Roving and a top whorl spindle.
Some autumnal Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn, because, well, in spite of the fact that I suck at socks, this was all I could afford of their gorgeous yarns.

Now I really am stuck in stash, because stash is too big for me to store from the ever-marauding Cricket,
who does like to steal and re-purpose yarn, and because there is simply no more money for yarny stuff.

I have a plan to have a go at socks again, complete with experimentation with 2 circular needles and some fresh new patterns. I'm also dithering about whether to knit Rosedale, bpt or
Lady Eleanor next. I've got yarns in stash for all three, in the form of Kureyon, Silk Garden and Paton's Classic Merino, so all are possible. Now's your chance to weigh in and influence me!

Now I must go and listen to some Richard Buckner and see about some dinner.


Acornbud said...

Oh Cricket is soo handsome and such a sweetie! Rosedale looks very pretty, but well, heh, I'm partial to Bpt! Why not all three?

Sandy said...

Love the yarns...let me know how the spinning goes. Rosedale, Eleanor, bpt looks all good to me!!

Chelsea said...

Knit Rosedale, then you can tell me how it goes, for further inclusion into my cardi info collection.

I just heard on the radio there was a n earthquake in Hawaii, everything okay with you?

KimS said...

Checking in on you after today's quake in the news... hope all's well.

Oh, and here's the new blog link, such as it is. More to come.

I'll be back to check on you soon! Please post to let us know you're all right.

"Lady Kim"

LA said...

Hoping you got through the quake okay. ~LA