Sunday, August 27, 2006

stash monkey

I cannot get up out of bed this morning. I made the mistake of turning on NPR just as the Ellen Kushner program "Sound and Spirit" was coming on. Now normally, I enjoy this particular program as a background to my other activities. But her theme this week is music inspired by Lord of the Rings - the books, not the movies. So I, Tolkien geek that I am, must hear every second of this show. Can't take a shower. Can't get more coffee. Can't move...must visit Middle Earth one more time. Middle Earth does not invade my thoughts often, these days, though on occasions, hiking the Judd trail, I'm struck by how it could could be Lothlorien, especially in certain lights...

I visited Michelle, of my knit ladies, yesterday, out on the North Shore. The woman lives in Paradise, I tell you. I thought Nuuanu was Paradise, but I'd not calculated the great forest of banana and avocadoes and the seeming 20 steps to the pretty, tranquil beach that figure into her environs. We drank the promised pisco sour, complete with frothy eggwhite on top, and I am sad? proud? to say that I got quite buzzed on just the one, though I guess it was a rather large one. Speaking of rather large, she gave me a wee peek of her yarn stash, and I was duly impressed, and now realize that just because my own stash is creeping into another dresser, it is not a large one, after all.

I think, among other things, today calls for a stash inventory, and a cold, hard look at some of my WIPS, and whether or not they'll be finished. I'm going to frog the Cathay tank, and a couple of other things that have sat on the needles for a well over 2 years now. Then, to line up the things I do, honestly want to complete: Kiri, the Airy Scarf, the handspun pink Clapotis...the purple socks and the felted bag to be aren't worrying me as UFO's yet, they're still too new. But some of these other things have been hanging around for no good reason.

So I'm off to the frog pond, well, as soon as I can leave Middle Earth, anyway.


Anonymous said...


how 'bout that pisco in paradise? i can say now that one clearly would have been plenty for me. we'll have to try some more versions that are not quite so potent (or large).

though our knit team leader has already completed a kiri, i'd be up for that as a knitalong if you'd like.

gotta head to the south shore surf now

mysticalfeet said...

I'd like to knit another Kiri in a yarn I like better. You know I'm "off" fuzzy yarn these days. Needless to say, two of my UFOs are mohair-centric.

Y'know, we could knit Icarus...very cute pattern, looks kinda easy.

Acornbud said...

Yikes, I just started Shetland, don't know if I can do Kiri! It was too muggy to do more then lounge:)

mysticalfeet said...

Maybe in the distant future. After we both slog through these WIPs...we've got time. What are you knitting Shetland from? Chris's was so pretty!