Thursday, August 10, 2006

good fences make good neighbors or something like that

That's what my dad used to say, anyway.


I just found out that the city of Honolulu requires you to file a permit application for any work at all done on your house or property. I found out because one of my neighbors filed a complaint about some fencing we did, on our property. Apparently, a couple of weeks ago, my contractor moved her property line flag to work in an area and replaced it incorrectly. So instead of talking to us (or the contractor guy) about the issue, she phoned the city and filed a complaint. Niiiiiicce...Now the building inspector wants to come out and meet with us about the fines that will be levied against us for not having all the right permits.

"Ignorance is no excuse" as they say. It's on the city website. Still, if I wasn't constructing an addition, why would I go looking for a permit application?

I won't subject you to all the expletives which have crossed my mind and lips over this issue. I did speak with Neighbor Lady (who was known to be contentious, beforehand) and let her know how very disappointed I was in her Neighborliness. sigh. She offered up a bunch of protests about how many problems our neighborhood has had with people not following city rules and codes. Again, thanks for your Neighborliness, neighbor.

I also won't go into the list of little home improvements requiring hammer, nails, saws and drills that we have had this good-natured, yet ignorant contractor guy do for this property since we've moved here.

I am adding this complaint to my long list of Adventures in Bureaucracy.

Is it my year for Justice? Must do the numerology...waitaminnit! Against my 'should know better' I had this work done during a Mercury Retrograde period.

I really don't know what to say...
Bitch-slapped by the Universe again.

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