Saturday, April 02, 2011

After a cold, rainy week, the sun is out and it's getting lovely again. This crocus pic is actually a few weeks old, but I'd forgotten that I had planted them last year, so they were a total surprise to me when they came up randomly in the yard.

The house is fragrant with banana bread; my knitter Kathy served the BEST banana bread at a little knit gathering a couple of weeks ago, at her house. I altered the recipe ever so slightly, by adding chocolate chips, but it is a fantastic version of a food that I am not known to love.

Spring break is on, and I am several kinds of happy, having had pho for lunch, and a lazy day of desultory kitchen cleaning and puttering. P is planning on grilling a steak later on, and we have the fixings for mango margaritas hanging out on the counter. I promised an update on Ameliaand the progress I had sorta made on this. I found the lost pattern, and realized that I had knitted waaaay past where the button hole shaping is supposed to begin. Okay, not that far. Like 1.5 inches. I am going to leave the length, and work 2 buttonholes, and then start the sleeves, raglan shaping, etc. My plan is to knit like hell over the break and the next few days and try to get this puppy off the needles, as the twisted rib is sucking my mojo out, and I just want to be done with it. Besides, I need a pretty Cricket-colored sweater.

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Thanks for the update on Amelia:)