Wednesday, April 08, 2009

k-brow: feed your head

So many things, these days, are restoring my energy and joy. I am a moody person, by nature, and go up and down, with the moon and as the wind blows. Recently, though (probably with lengthening days and a steady diet of supplements and nettle infusion) I am more "up" than "down."

Here are a few things that are making me happy recently...

Reya's blog, with its recent series of entries on spirit guides, complete with tonic and recipes is giving me food for thought. I highly recommend her as a regular read, especially if you're interested in the seasons, shamanism, or photography.

I swear, would starve if it weren't for the gas grill. Most of my dinners cooked at home involve, if not the Le Creuset dutch oven, the big rusty gas grill. Asparagus and red peppers, from Costco. Basted in lemon juice and olive oil and eaten right off the grill.

My neighbor's bird of paradise flowers are blooming. Just gorgeous! I see it on my daily stroll with Ella, who likes a little walk away from the ever-bouncy Cricket.

Red and green foliage in Waimea. I don't know what this tree is. It has fat shiny leaves.

This pic, which I took last fall. A pile of opihi, or limpet shells that I found on the Big Island. I wish I'd taken some, but for some reason, I thought they might be kinda stinky, and I was roadtripping in a rental car, and wasn't sure of my ability to get them back to Oahu without complications. I have never eaten opihi; apparently they're hard to find, and quite delicious. Somebody had themselves a little feast.

Aloha Shorts is this terrific local storytelling program on our NPR station. It's on every Tuesday, at 6-ish, and is a wonderful showcase of the voices and experiences of the islands. I will definitely try and get this show through some streaming source, once I move back to the mainland!

Off to cook dinner now; leftover potato-kale soup and salad, with fresh-baked bread.


Opal said...

i saw on the news that they're thinking of banning opihi fishing here on oahu. so it will truly become a rare delicacy here if that does come to pass and believe me that stuff is GOOD!

are you up for dinner this week?

Stephanie said...

Do you put the asparagus directly on the grill? Are they raw, or is blanching involved?

Lolly said...

that asparagus looks delicious!

Lilikoi Knits said...

Oooh, we are going to have to find you some opihi before you leave. I've only had them at big luau type family gatherings, but I think I've seen them at Tamashiro's.