Saturday, July 12, 2008

dear lucy

Dear DisKnit,

One of us has to post eventually. I guess it's me. This is sort of the "what I did on my summer vacation since I didn't visit you" entry. Mostly I hung out with the 'rents. I spent 2 weeks virtually internet-free, and got an impressive amount of reading, knitting, writing and movie watching done. Kept my ailing dad company, helped my mom out, coddled the tomato plants, and ate more watermelon and summer-ripe tomatoes than I thought was possible. It was the summer of red fruit, I guess.

My sis and I attended Roanoke's "Star City Motor Madness" car show; a sort of loosely organized craziness, in which everyone with an unusual car convenes on Williamson Road to show them off. We milled around, admiring, speculating and mostly people watching. Drinking beer and eating Mexican food. Later walking it off, over several miles of quiet, firefly-lit neighborhood.

I think, growing up in the country with parents who kept us on a short leash, left us capable of making our own fun.

A few pix here from the automotive extravaganza. Knitting progress and other such stuff to come.



The setting; the strip mall strip of Roanoke's main sububan drag. Dusk, after a big storm. Humid and genial ambiance.

My sis, enjoying the automotives.

A pink skull isn't all that scary.

What is it about car shows that bring out the boa constrictor carrying guys?


Opal said...

mmm. that pink skull rocks.

Barbara said...

Welcome back, ms kbrow! Life in the country goes to such a laid back pace and peace of mind:)

Robin said...

I LOVE the car shows! It was so nice seeing you, hope you come back soon--or what would be better is if I come visit YOU!

blogless michelle said...

THAT'S what i've been missing here in hawai'i -- the boa constrictor-carrying guys! haha. surely i'll manage to get my fill of them in wisconsin soon enough. haha. thanks for the reminder of just how snake-free this island is (and hopefully will remain).

Red said...

He was there because I wasn't there. If I had been there he would have showed up on a date with me with that thing. It would have been an improvement from some of the other dates. Sheesh!