Wednesday, May 21, 2008

k-brow: brainvog and a diminishing work ethic

This was taken about a week ago, and gives a pretty good impression of how things are around here when the trade winds stop blowing. Click for a big scary view of the downtown harbor area, as seen from Nuuanu schoolyard, where I regularly violate the leash law, after hours. Vog, which gives the weather-obsessed among us something to fret over, also stings the eyes, scratches up the throat, and causes a brainfog of stunning proportions in those susceptible to such maladies. Or maybe it's a brainvog?

I took a day off yesterday, and my announcing this at work caused a firestorm of "Why? Are you sick? What's wrong with you? Is everything okay?" Really, I discovered that I had an unused personal day, and hastened to correct that issue pronto. I work with teachers who rarely take time off unless they're sick or have a pressing issue to take care of in the 9-5 world. Not me. I'm a great lover of playing hookey from school. As a kid, I took regular time off, with my parents' permission. My dad would frequently grant the "lay off from school day," in spite of the fact that he would never miss a day of work. My sister got the work ethic gene in our family, and is known far and wide as a hard-working, loyal employee. Me? Well, let's just say that I work hard when I'm at work, but like to put it out of my mind, off-campus. But I think my coworkers believe I'm a slacker...

Only 13 more school days left. Then I can indulge my not-so-inner slackass openly and with impunity!

Here's a shot of the most lovely pink double hibiscus in my yard. I want to eat it up, or spin it into something to knit up. This photo is, quite possibly, the only thing I did yesterday of note. Okay, maybe not. I knit 3 rows of sock. I drank a mai tai at the Halekulani hotel. I clipped my dogs' faces. All reasons to stay home on a warm spring day, no?


Acornbud said...

The vog was sure icky, but not so the pretty pink hibiscus. My word, a drink at the Halekulani...practicing for those days off already? I like your style.

Chelsea said...

What are those scary War-of-the-Worlds type structures in the distance?

blogless michelle said...

oh, the vog! i couldn't even see mt ka'ala from my place! and oh, to join you for a drink at the halekulani! someday i will, acornbud said, i like your style. i sure miss the crowd at mj, but alas, i'm determined to dedicate myself to the contortions again this week. do keep me updated on the knitting goings-on, though!

Opal said...

oh the vog! it's really scary looking and am i glad that i'm on the east coast right now or what!

i do miss all the folks at MJ though. i hope you go tonight and give me an update.

that hibiscus is certainly inspiring. i bought some hot pink yarn along with some black to make into a pirate booty bag. i've completely surrendered to the fact that hot pink is a color favorite of mine now.

Mokihana said...

Wow, so nani that hibiscus!! The vog is another story... but it sure does make the pink stand out!

We used to have a single red hibiscus just outside our kitchen door. How I miss it!