Monday, September 10, 2007

sore wrist and a rude awakening.

Trying to ride this moon's energy, as it wanes out of sight; cleaning and purging my house, closet, fridge...I think we call it the anti-spring cleaning. I've really been feeling the moon, lately, maybe because I've spent more time than usual at the beach, wallowing in the bathwater-temperate sea.

This won't be a long post; my wrists hurt from knitting. Clapotis does that to me every time! It's some deadly combination of knit/purl, in just the right length to bang out several frenetic rows. The relief knitting I have is a sock, not so cool for the wrists either. I'm giving it a combination of ice, reiki and aspirin, but I think sleep will help.

P is back from Samoa, with no real travel plans in the upcoming future.

Just because there's been no "Wild Kingdom" news on this blog, recently, doesn't mean there hasn't been something going on on that front around here. I was being a good worker bee, vacuuming the bathroom, this afternoon, and slammed the vacuum into a baseboard...only to have it crumble like so much sawdust. Termites. Bloody hell. A closer inspection revealed a fair number of the wood features of the bathroom to be disentegrating to the touch. Ugh. I don't know when it started. I usually clean the bathroom with a broom and swiffer, easier on the baseboards. A call to our friend Geno will give us some idea of how to proceed to get rid of the buggers; I fear it's a tenting of the house (circus season, anyone?) and then some replacement carpentry, but maybe it won't be so complicated...sigh. I hate to tent the place. On the one hand, it would show the cockaroaches who's boss, once and for all (not!) but it would take its toll on the geckos, not to mention the effects on us and our animals, living in a place that's infused with chemicals. ugh.

Here to dispute the assertion that Hawaii is paradise, and the assumption that owning a house is any kind of picnic. Wish I had a landlord...well, sometimes.

Off to lay in my termite riddled bathtub and pout now. At least there's chamomile tea.


da twine said...

ugh. termites. and to read this on the day p&i have officially started looking for a landlordless house of our own. if only a nrn could go and eviscerate each and every one of those termites, rendering them unable to consume any more of your house's wood... yup, hawai'i ain't always the paradise it's cracked up to be. or should i say the rainbow sure seems to taste good to the termites.

Opal said...

A sore wrist and termites? That just ain't right. You think some Beard Papa's might help?

Chelsea said...

I hear ya on the home-ownership angst. There's always *something*, and the annoyance of whatever it is is then exponentially greater because you're worrying about whatever the hell is going wrong somehow effecting the resale value of the house...ugh. It's worth it, but still a hell of a lot of stress.

I always do an anti-Spring cleaning, too! Be good to your wrist.

KimS said...

As someone who recently forked out a $1000 payment for a termite treatment (for a house I own but will never again live in, no less), I give you a sisterly salute and those termites the middle finger. Florida's overrun with them, too; must be the climate. Those friends and relatives who envied our moves to the Tropical Paradise can just shut their holes right now.

There are lots of options other than tenting; just find a good termite company whose advice you can trust.

I've been itching to clean, too. Didn't realize the moon was involved. :)

Rebecca Clayton said...

Sorry to hear about your termite troubles. I never understood about termites until I spent some time in Costa Rica. If it was wood, it was soon gone. Hope you can get them stopped in their tracks.