Monday, July 23, 2007

delay of gratification

I got an email from Amazon Saturday telling me I wouldn't have my copy of "Deathly Hallows" til July 30-31. I was absolutely gobsmacked, at first. I thought it would be a few days after release, but ten days?! I tried to cancel the order, but it's not elgible for return. I thought about just buying a copy at Foodland, where I went to buy tea yesterday morning, but then decided against it. See, here's what's going on...I'm only frantic like this, because I don't want to encounter spoilers on the web, or run into people who want to talk about it. Even at Foodland, the checkers were talking about the book, though they kindly respected my request for no spoilers while I was in line.

Other than the worry that it'll all be blown for me (and it won't really - I just want to savor the deliciousness - knowing what happens will put me in a race to get to "certain events" in my reading)I will enjoy my leisurely re-read of "Half-Blood Prince" and spend less time on the computer. That can only be a good thing,no? Funny, one of my favorite lj blogs is very Harrycentric, and I so have to avoid reading her for a couple of weeks. Then, though, the after-the-fact catchup will be an added pleasure.

So what am I doing with myself while I wait for Amazon to get my book to me? Much of it focuses on getting myself ready to be no longer on vacation, alas. The baking and freezing of bran muffins and mini quiche thingys for on-the-fly breakfasts. Laundry and the ironing and mending of school clothes, as I've lived my past few weeks in the rattiest of paint-stained shorts and holey tee shirts. Today I'm going in to the classroom (or my rather large cubicle) to wash the place down with Murphy's oil soap, as it's covered with a layer of dust and grime. Being in Kailua, being sweaty and dirty, will give me an excuse for a quick swim at the beach, though recent shark attack and drowning on the Windward beaches is a bit of a damper...

I might try and do a bit of sewing later this week, as my knitting mojo has up and left me with a big stash, a lot of patterns and no itch whatsoever to knit. Might as well do other things.


Opal said...

It sounds like you'll be more then busy while you wait for your copy. On a bright note, my copy from Amazon shipped today so maybe yours will ship today too!

No knitting? Eek! Be careful in the water!

=joy= said...

??? what's the point of pre-ordering if they can't commit? shame on amazon.

Stephanie said...

I had to avoid the Internet while reading The Deathly Hallows, but I'm back now. Hope your copy arrives soon!

KimS said... have you finished it by now? (I devoured it in about 36 hours and just loved it. But I'll say no more in case you've not finished.) I bet you're busy gearing up for school by now.

Loved your comment on one of my recent posts. So true! I think my world is so much broader because of those peeks into other "types" of lives.