Tuesday, June 05, 2007

some randomness

I was tagged by Acornbud for this seven random things meme. I wrote it up, and Blogger ate it a few days ago. I'm giving it a new and improved shot...no one's tagged, but if you feel inspired and you happen to have some time, please feel free to jump right in and do it yourself.

1. I grew up in a hunting family, and probably ate more wild game than domesticated meat, as a child. Venison, rabbit and squirrel were regulars on our dinner table throughout my childhood and teenaged years. My dad no longer hunts, and while I support his reasons, (he was tired of taking lives) I do admit to missing the wild meat a little bit. Squirrel is hard to come by and quite tasty with gravy and biscuits.

2. I am a self-taught knitter. I knit left-handed, moving the work from the right needle to the left. Please do not ask me about picking, throwing or whether I knit continental or english style. I do not understand such things.

3. I am madly, passionately addicted to Jamba Juice smoothies. I drink the Coldbuster with protein boost (though a lot of good it does me)Saturday after I attend my dog training class. At home, I put peanut butter in my homemade smoothies, which nearly always draws protest and "what the hell is this?" from anyone who happens to be sharing it with me.

4. I have known my husband for 23 years, though we've only been married for 7.

5. I had a terrible math anxiety in school, and did badly in math classes throughout my education. Strangely, I really enjoy teaching math, and my graduate research is on how children solve math problems without using the traditional algorithm.

6. I have never owned a new car in my life. Currently I'm driving an 8 year old Honda CRV. It is a total workhorse, and has never had any problems, so it'll be around awhile, I imagine.

7. My media creature boyfriend is Daniel Day-Lewis.


Acornbud said...

Hmm, squirrel. Must taste like chicken. Math anxiety. A new condition. Sounds like you overcame it! I'm with you on Hondas. Love 'em. Thanks for playing:)

Chelsea said...

I put peanut butter in my home made smoothies, too, and it grosses everyone else out. When I add the wheat germ, too, oh look out, I'll be mocked for days. ;)

Reya Mellicker said...

An excellent random list! I hope you're feeling better. Maybe some wild meat would boost your immune system?? Honestly, it might.

Michelle said...

hey, daughter of another hunter! it's a bit startling how similar we are on these supposedly random points you've listed -- five out of seven.

Stephanie said...

Daniel Day Lewis, eh? I was thinking about him when I mentioned "my left foot" in today's entry! Also, I didn't know that you are a self-taught knitter. Very impressive!

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