Monday, April 09, 2007

...will they ever stop barking?

My neighbor has 2 mean little chihuahuas, one of whom actually CHASED MY CAR down the driveway last week. And they are barking, incessantly; have been for the past half hour. They are barking so incessantly that I put my own dogs in their crates to stop their ongoing commentary on the up-the-hill bowwowwow...perhaps not entirely fair, except that I paid them off with kong toys stuffed with salmon jerky and biscuits to enjoy in their crates, so I don't feel too guilty. Still, I wonder why they're barking so urgently and constantly. They usually don't bark unless someone's walking past their enclosure.

In lieu of any actual updated content, I offer images from a Friday evening.
Cricket, looking regal on our back steps, surveying the backyard.

My dinner of roast veggies and red wine.

The lastest object of my fascination; the halting beginnings of the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole, from"Scarf Style". The yarn is Noro Silk Garden, in color #226, a mix of greys, blues, and browns. I love this yarn, color and texture. I read complaints out there in Blogland about the amount of vegetable matter, sticks and straw in Silk Garden, but I don't find it excessive or offensive. Knitting so recently with Noro's Kureyon, though, and now Silk Garden, I find myself wishing for a single-color project, and contemplate what's next in the pipeline for me. Not to be shared just yet, mostly because I'm trying to wrap up some WIPs before committing to something else new. Eleanor was just something I couldn't put off anymore. It is an easy, amusing project.

In other news, as of this June, both my co-teacher and I are out of our jobs. The district has transferred 2 teachers from another school that's downsizing into our positions, because we didn't have tenure. So we are back on the "to-be-hired" list, and while chances are good that we'll be employed, come August, it's not a sure thing. Fuckety-fuck. I am a bit over crying and angsting about my employment situation here in Hawaii. In my 13 years of teaching prior to my move here, I had excellent evaluations, and had no problem finding and keeping work. This system, with its combination of rigid, bureaucratic structure, and old-boy cronyism is not one I support, nor one that I want to give one whit of emotional energy to. I am determined to breathe deeply, ride the winds of chance and see where they drop me. If the work situation is impossible, come the new school year, I will sub, paint faces and walk dogs again for a living. Sigh. I like my paycheck. I like my benefits. I like my students and their families. But this system is corrupt and ineffective, and I am giving it no more than is absolutely necessary of my emotional investment.

Detaching is tiresome, though, and it seems like I am having my share of motivational problems.I think a personal day is in order.

The rain has begun. The chihuahuas have stopped barking. Silence is golden.


Pam! said...

LOVE the sarong from the last post...what a great find!
Sorry to hear about the job upheaval. Does your area in Hawaii have a need for tutoring services? Maybe you could get into teaching homeschooled or homebound students? A friend in MD provided tutoring services for kids who were homebound due to medical issues...the money was good and she really enjoyed the one-on-one experience. Not sure if there's a market for that in your area or not.
Dinner looks good!

Acornbud said...

Dinner does look good! I'm amazed at how you got Cricket to stand still for a regal picture. I'm glad you are enjoying Lady Eleanor. It is a great combination of ease and interest. Bummer about the job and then again a better job will come along.

Chelsea said...

I'm sorry about your job. I hope it turns into an opportunity to find something you will like better.

And yes, it is a Hampton Bay, how did you know?

Opal said...

I love the pictures of Cricket and Lady El. I'm so sorry to hear about your job situation. I'm not impressed with the whole structure of the school system either. Maybe this will turn into a golden opportunity though, like Chelsea has said.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is deeeeeeeelish! And Im with ya on not giving much of a fig about the bits of organic love that come incased in Noro. lol. Just pick it out if its pokey. ;0)
As for the barking, you dont think the neighbors are dead do you? Not a nice thought, eh? Maybe I watch 2 much crime tv. lol...
And Cricket is gorgeous-ness!
And as for the job....well...that just sucks. ;0(
Aaaaaaaand now I know why your so skinny. LOok at what you eat! It looks delish by the way.......
xoxo Moon

Moon said...

Ack! Im not anonymous! lol...

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh no! It's hard to get dumped so unceremoniously, especially when you don't deserve it. That and the barking chihuahas would be enough to make me take a few personal days. Yikes.

Thank god for the rain!