Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the pedicure is mightier than the sword

After a long and very trying day at the permits office, I am home, moving through the bureaucratic bad mood by scrubbing my shower, and cleaning out the fridge. I'll then proceed to revive my practice of facing my demons with a bitchin' pedicure. I do think this rip-roaring red is just the thing, don't you?

Funny...I don't have a permit. Seems the permits take up to a month to get issued. Good thing the work's already been done, eh? Sheeeee-it. There was some issue with whether one of my fences crosses lines of easement on my own property, and the city doesn't seem to have any real straight answer for me on that, it "requires further research". After the research, they'll draw up a maintenance agreement, giving the city permission to come onto my land to work on water lines, etc. Duh...of course they have my permission. But it's frustrating that they don't know themselves where the lines of easement are; that it's not readily available on public record.

I did get a fair amount of knitting done in the office, though. I am cheered by that, though I'm coming to the conclusion that people who find sock knitting to be a rewarding pursuit are obviously gifted in ways that I am not. Progress on a first sock is not necessarily a cheering thing, as one has the second sock looming ahead.


Bethany said...

I think a bitchin' pedicure is just the thing.

The second sock is often a real drag, but occaisionally you will find a pattern or yarn that is just so delicious that you don't mind having to knit that second one. The socks I'm working on now are boring and the colour is boring, so it's taking me longer than it should.

Reya Mellicker said...

Your pedicure is definitely bitchin!

Hey so sorry to hear you're having to slog through beaurocratic bullshit. The permit process, which I've recently seen up close and personal here in DC, is one of the weirdest forms of power struggling I've ever seen. Expensive, too. I hope your process resolves itself smoothly and simply.

Moon said...

Pretty piggies, prettttty piggies!
I just love freshly painted tootsies...
makes ya feel purty, huh?
xo Me